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Sharilynn "Sherri" McIntosh is a Certified Master Life Coach, a speaker and author. Her webinar, "Releasing Damaged Emotions" and book, "Live, Love, Laugh: A Personal Guide to Live, Love & Laugh Your Way to Making Better Choices", helps readers heal and overcome regretful life choices using funny anecdotes and personal reflection from her life.

Sherri helps women heal from unresolved issues with their fathers through her "Daddy's Little Girl," life coaching program. Each session is intimate, thought provoking, and transformational. By releasing damaged emotions from poor relationships with men, women are able to move forward into purpose, destiny, and improve all of their relationships.

If you are a woman who has unresolved "daddy issues", my Daddy's Little Girl program was made just for you. From personal experience, I know what it means to feel unloved and unwanted, and having it as the driving force for poor relationship decision making. I am here for you, and would love the opportunity to help you heal and gain success in every area of your life. Let's get started today!

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Individual Sessions

One hour coaching sessions in person or online are being offered weekly or bi-weekly. Check below for details and pricing, which includes workbook.

Group Sessions

Two hour coaching sessions in person or online are being offered monthly. Check below for details and pricing, which includes workbook.

Conference & Workshops

Too busy for individual or group sessions? Purchase the program and go through it on your own. Pricing includes one introductory session and workbook.



Sherri has always been a source of encouragement when I've needed a sound word. 

Over the years I have watched Sherri  be there for others with words of encouragement as well. 

I appreciate Sherri's faith in God and in the power of prayer. 

Deneen Callahan


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